hello folks!

i've decided it's time to reinvent this graphic making alter ego of mine and move along to pastures new. it's been very lovely here though and i'd just like to say a big thank you to those of you who've supported me by friending this journal, you guys are great :) + a big thanks also goes to any who may find this who've taken my stuff and actually stuck to the rules- it's appreciated! ;)

lol ok well that's about it! if you want to wander over to graphicquandary and see what i'm up to now, feel free! i hope you like it!

love and kisses

tor xxxx

vintage post number three
ok, maybe i should stick these in two seperate posts cos there's some which all go together and others which are a bit... random. i can't be arsed with the double post thing though so they're just all going in here.


1. 14. 9.

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if taking please comment, credit and enjoy :)

for my last two vintage posts please check my memories or the use the link on the right.

sandman icons!!
apologies for the very long delay! i would explain but i can't be arsed! :P

so, without further ado, the icons:

5. 8. 9.

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if taking please comment, credit and all that jazz :)

oh and, if you're interested, you can find my first sandman post here

texture set 03
hello guys!

i've made 30 texture/slightly grungey brushes from some stock photos ( which i blended together & messed around with. i felt that the coloured bases were very pretty so i've uploaded them all to enable people to download them individually if they wish but there is also an image pack for anyone who wants them all (whether you've already downloaded the psp8 brushes or not). people are welcome to use the bases as they please.

small preview:

downloads + full preview/bases this wayCollapse )

if taking please: comment, credit ect

oh yes + enjoy! :)
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star wars icons (origional trilogy)
two posts in one day- wow! :P

ummm, yeah. here's some star wars icons. a few made in the same style as the english patient ones + a few i made quite a while ago but thought i'd still throw in as ummm, i like them :P


5. 7. 9.

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if taking- comment, credit & all that jazz
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